Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stupid Bromley.

  1. Okay, so I was whiney, bloated, uncomfortable, tired, with an almost 10 lb baby in my tummy. Dont blame that for my extreme dislike for Bromley Square.

    You probably dont know this, but Bromley Square was where Matt and I resided before I gave birth. It was a 32 storey apartment building right smack dab in the middle of shady downtown Calgary (across from the Mustard Seed and with about 10 bar/clubs within a 3 block radius). We made arrangements to move somewhere a little more appropriate on Nov.1st (whether baby was 'out' by then or not)- which sounds crazy, but Thanks to my Mom and Dad, I didnt have to lift a finger!

    Yesterday, I discovered a list that I wrote mid-October titled
    "Reasons I will be happy to move (Things that suck here)". Although I dont particularly love our new place, I realized it's not as bad as it could be!

    So although it may not make much sense, This is exactly how I wrote it out:

    1-Noisy Trains
    2-Noisy partiers
    3-Slow and Confused Elevators
    4-Tiny Bathroom (Which I dont fit into so well anymore)
    5-Dripping sink/faucet
    6-Limited Water Temperature Controll
    7-Sketchy people outside
    8-Sketchy people inside
    9-being asked for change
    10-Not enough room for storage
    11-Not enough room for furniture/belongings
    12-Deck so small that I cant fit on anymore
    13-Have to pay for parking
    14-Parking spot is in reject area
    15-Nothing (except "crack Mac's") is open late....and the video store, but that doesnt count
    16-Barf on the sidewalks
    17-Broken glass/beer bottles on sidewalks
    18- Cross dressers
    19-So much carpet in apartment
    20- Ugly apartment
    21- Ugly Lunchbox shaped building
    22- too much traffic
    23-too many people in 1 building
    24-dumb fake fireplace in lobby
    25- I dont know any of my neighbors (and dont think I would want to know them either)
    26-The irritating out of tune chiming bells that play all day downtown. It sounds like I"m at a funeral, and it's very eerie.

    The only reason I stopped there was because I ran out of room on the paper. lol. You should all count your blessings that none of you had to put up with seeing me that late in my pregnancy, because as you can tell, I was definatly not a bucket of sunshine!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

learning to sit

He still needs a little work with holding himself up, but here he is!

I think his cheeks really weigh down his chin, because he seems to have a hard time keeping his mouth closed!

Believe me now??

Every time that William does something for the first time, I am just overwhelmed with amazement, and often wonder "did he really do what I think he did??".

The first time William laughed, I was so excited and welled up with tears. Afterwards, because nobody else witnessed it, I wondered if it actually happened.

Matt came home from work and I told him " William just let out a big belly laugh for the first time today! It was so incredible, and I cried!! ................ At least I think it happened, maybe it all just took place in my head. Nevermind, forget I said anything".

Sure enough, a couple days later it happened again, and I KNEW I wasnt going batty just yet.

Anyhow, William loves his "tummy time" and lately he has been supporting himself on his knees and arms, and I finally caught it on camera. This is proof that i"m not going crazy, ok?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Matthew's statue

While I'm on the topic of Matt's military career, here's his statue. You're thinking "nobody that's still alive ever has a statue made of them". You're wrong.

Actually it's not 'his' statue, but that's what I call it. This is what happened.

Matt was scouted out a couple years ago by some people designing a peacekeeper statue (along with a park to go with it). They figured that he had the body type they were looking for.
I guess they didnt want it to be an exact replication of him, because they used someone else's face.

The statue was completed over a year ago and it consists of the soldier passing a doll to a girl. I FINALLY saw it when Matt's mom was in town last week.

Here it is:


Josie (Matt's mommy)

This is the park- very nice!

It was hard to believe when I saw it- I swear the arms are an exact replication of Matthew's. They did a wonderful job in representing the attempts at peace.

Monday, March 20, 2006

True Canadians

Well, Matt's got the memory card in his Palm, so I cant get those new pics on here yet, but here's something you may find amusing....

Some of you know that Matt is in the Canadian Forces...anyhow, these guys love their Tim Horton's. While out recruiting one day with the tank, they were really craving their Timmy's, and this is what followed:

Yes, that is a tank in the drive thru

And this is one of them at the pickup window (seeing as a tank doesnt have a roll down driver side window, as most vehicles do)

These guys really are true, proud Canadians!

Friday, March 17, 2006


....I dont know what's wrong with me today, I am so tired I can barely move my hands to type this. It's actually a fairly perpetual state....probably has something to do with the fact that I'm a new mother and all (I'm sure some of you can relate).

Anyhoo, Matt's mom was in town for a few days, stayed at our place. It was nice to have her out here and looking after the little man here and there. I even got out of the house to see a movie with a friend. Anyhoo, now we're just settlling back into the swing of things and I can barely think of anything else to say- my brain is so useless right now.

I'll try to post some new pics tonight!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


William wakes up a couple times every night to eat. I take him out of his crib and lay him on the futon to feed him, laying right beside him.

Last night, during his feeding around 1-ish, I could see in the dim light of the room that he was looking right at me with his big bright eyes. Right then, It almost felt like it was my last moment, because everything was so perfect.

There are many things in my life that need work.....but everything that really mattered, I had. Matt was sleeping peacefully in our bed, and I had my perfect, healthy baby right beside me. I have dreamed my whole life about being with a man I love, and for us to have the ability to have a baby. Both of those things I have feared would never happen. Although my job as a wife and as a mother is just beginning, I feel so complete.

I often get caught up in everything that needs to be done, and what we DONT have..... But in that moment, I truly felt like I had everything.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

And then there's my hick "Billy"

'nuf said....

Famous babies!!

I'm part of a message board on Ivillage. It started out when I was pregnant and didnt have anyone to compare experiences with....a group of mommies all expecting in October....and now it's a 'playgroup'.
Anyhooo, This woman on the board had twin girls (Hope and Faith) who are itty bitty baby actors! I froze when I saw these pics (I am a Desperate Housewives Junkie)

What lucky babies!

Thursday, March 09, 2006


All day I have been racking my brain trying to remember my username for this thing. Because I have no idea what it was (with random numbers) I had it saved on our computer so it would automatically log me in. Matt did some web-clean thing yesterday that wiped it all out........ I was panicking all day (okay, so it wasnt THAT bad) about what I would do......start a new blog from scratch??

Anyhoo...crisis averted...I found out they will send you your info to your email if you forget it.

Now I can rest easy. Nighty night!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Husky kid!!

William and I just got back from his doc's appointment....and, just as I estimated, this kid weighs 22 lbs. ....and he's not even four and a half months yet!! He's off the charts as far as weight and height (his weight compared to height is in the 75th %). Although he's really strong, he's also a chubb-a-bubb... I wish he still fit into his marine swing and bouncy chair- those things were lifesavers while they lasted.
I'm so proud of my little boy, he's growing so well :)

The next visit to the doc's will be for his vaccinations.......uhg

Bad Blogger

I know, I know....I should be banished from this blogging world for neglecting my space for nearly two weeks. I tried to get onto my account while in Summerland, but forgot my username (it's saved on my comp.). But now I'm back into the updates, useless chit chat and all that.
I hope there's no penatly for being a "Bad Blogger"