Thursday, April 13, 2006

The cookie.

Today, Matthew had a quick break from work. He did the equivalent of getting me flowers, and brought home lunch for us from this German Deli, complete with a can of diet coke (yes, I know it probably isnt good for me).

I had been thinking earlier in the day how I needed to have self control when it comes to chocolate, candy, brownies...or else I will face the very likely possibility that my wedding dress will be so snug that not only will I be unable to half-fill my lungs with air, but fat will be spilling out of the top (muffin top).

And then...Matt brings out dessert.

Not only is this A cookie, but it's THE cookie.
Here it is, half eaten.

2 MASSIVE shortbread cookies with chocolate whip cream sandwiched in between, and a layer of Chocolate on top. I knew I was done for.

So I got down to 1/4 of the cookie and then realized what I was doing, and how much I'd regret finishing it. I took one more bite and was about to throw it out, when I knew that wouldnt be enough. I would still be thinking about that 1/4 of a cookie and how it was just sitting alone in the trash. I took desperate measures and crunched up the cookie, and covered it in Shampoo (who would want it after that?). Sounds a little insane...but you know what? The cookie is still in the garbage and I havent thought about it since.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

yess, another video

Another video for the Grandmas and Grandpas who cant get enough of this little dude. For everyone else, you're probably incredibly bored by

This is his other favourite sound right now...the blowing spit bubbles one.

Oh yeah, and Will and I will be coming back to Summerland for another visit on Saturday to work on more wedding stuff. Matthew unfortunately has to work so he wont be joining us. I hope to get the chance to see you all!

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Last night Matt, William and I went grocery shopping. Every couple minutes I'd separate from the pack to go get something, but I always found my way back. you know why? William's Velociraptor noise. It's a sound he just figured out he can make, and I think he has fun with it, although it sounds dreadful and gets a lot of concerned looks.

In case you wonder what a velociraptor sounds like, this is a pretty accurate imitation:

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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Check out this video- some of you may have seen it already.
I leave Matt and Will together for an hour (with the use of a camera) and see what I come home to?

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I'd like to figure out how to get video on here...anyone have any idea how to do this?

What's goin on!?

I really can't believe what is happening to this city. When I 'moved' here in 2002, it was delightful. There was enough work for everyone and things managed to work themselves out.

Matt and I have been dreaming about buying a place in the near future, but the price of housing has increased by 31% in a YEAR. It's like there's no point in us even looking because what would have gotten us a decent home several years ago would only buy us a condemned shack in a shady neighborhood these days.

Businesses don't have enough employees to maintain even mediocre customer service. I just called a store about putting a couple dresses on hold for my bridesmaids to try on and all I got was "I'm too busy to do a check-there's only two of us on the floor right now". I do a lot more waiting in lines and wandering around trying to find sales associates than I thought I would ever have to do. And I'm not just talking about the lineup at Starbucks. Dont these businesses WANT to assist you in finding what you want/need so that you'll be more inclined to spend in their stores? Dont they want to tend to you promptly and be informative so that you'll wish to repeat your business there?

I know Calgary is not the only place booming right it really that bad anywhere else? Matt and I have been discussing keeping an open mind....maybe the big city isnt for us after all. Unless we find a derelict lot somewhere to start our own white trash trailer park......any takers??

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Entertainer!

When William and I have one of our funny moments.. (I"ll do something to make him laugh, which makes me laugh too), lately he has been returning the favor.

While he has a goofy grin on his face, he will stick out his tongue at me....and the longer I laugh at it, the longer he does it, and the more exxagerated it becomes. I SWEAR he knows what he's's the sweetest thing ever.

Unfortunately the camera is one 'toy' that he desperately wants, but isn't allowed to sink his gums into- so when the camera comes out, all expression disappears and he just stares blankly and grabs. That's why in most pictures, he is drop-jawed, wide-eyed. Somewhat resembling Dopey of The Seven Dwarves (I'm allowed to say that....I'm his mother). This photo is just the tail-end of Will's "performance", as he is realizing that the Shiny Camera is a little more interesting than boring 'ol Mom!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

My poor little man:(

William's fine, but I just feel like I keep re-living something that happened earlier today.

I decided to get out of the house, so I went to the mall with Will for a bit. Near the end of wandering around, I picked up a 2l of gingerale for Matthew and put it in the diaper bag which I had placed around the stoller handles. Anyhoo, I decided to take a quick rest, and I took William out of the stroller......because of the extra weight, it fell over.

Even though I was holding William, my first instinct was to catch the stroller to stop it from falling. I let go of my baby, but very quickly realized what I had done and caught him before he actually hit the ground. He let out just a quick scwak (probably from being startled) and then was just fine.

Even though he wasnt injured, I keep re-living it. How let go of your baby to catch something else......I obviously wasnt thinking. It just breaks my heart to think of my little boy getting hurt.

At the end of the day, William is as good as ever, and I've learned a good lesson.