Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Wow, my brain was not ready for this. Or my hand muscles for that matter.
Yesterday I had a midterm, and for someone who has not been incredibly acedemic for the past year, that's a big deal. Not only did I feel like I was going blind from staring at white paper for 3 hours straight (plus the couple hours of cram time beforehand), but I had my pen on the paper the entire time. Once I got past the multiple choice, the short answer, and onto the third essay, I'm not sure my sentences were even making sense. My poor hand muscle looks 'buff' right now, although it's probably just swollen. Sounds crazy, but to anyone who has been to University (or if you were one of those obsessive 'note takers' in highschool) you know what I'm talking about.


Overall I think it went really well, and I certainly wasnt lacking in stuff to write down.

proof reading some of this right now, it makes no sense to me. Am I using complete sentences? Can you actually understand what they say? What's my name and address again? Maybe you should tattoo them to the back of my hand when you drop me off at the loony bin with the rest of the crazies.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Makin' a list

I saw about 5 minutes of Ellen today, and they had a young woman on who made a list of 100 things she wanted to do before she turned 40. Ellen helped her cross a few things off her list.

100 is a lot- and I'm not too creative, but I think I want to start making a list for myself.

Oh where to begin. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not so much....

How fun does this sound?

Getting a scanner gun to run loose around a store.... Selecting all the things that you want other people to buy for you.

Sounds like fun.

But isnt really. To anyone who has been through this, you know what I am talking about. Matt refused to assist me, which was fine by me. I know if I dragged him along, all I would get out of him would be "we dont need that", "lets just get black or grey", and "where are the toys". So it was probably for the best this way.

I actually started the registry yesterday with the help of the associate at The Bay. I told her as far as dinnerware, we just wanted something casual that we can use every day- because we dont do much of the 'dinner entertaining', and even when I do, I dont plan on inviting the Queen. Sure enough she brings me to the "fine bone china", which I foolishly registered for, thinking that it's normal.

Needless to say, I made some adjustments today after asking my mom if bone china is really everyday dinnerwear, and if 50$ for a cereal bowl sounds a little steep.

Now at least I know the difference between Flatware and Stemware. whew.

Love and marriage

First of all, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Stephanie and Brad Riemer!

I hear the wedding (and especially the bride) were beautiful! I hope you're having a great time in Hawaii, and hopefully a good chance to relax after all the chaos of wedding planning.

With our upcoming wedding, I have been wondering how things would have been different, if we had done things conventionally. To those of you who dont know, our baby William was a suprise. We knew we wanted kids, we just werent expecting it to happen so soon.

We are still having a semi-formal traditional wedding and yes, I will be wearing white. I guess there really is no "normal" way of doing things these days, but there are the ways you always imagine things when you're a know, the 'order' that your life will happen in. Often, our timeline is a lot different than the one God has in mind.

Marriage wont be a 'jump' for Matthew and I- as far as we're concerned, we're already married. We've already experienced the kind of pressure that having a child will put on your relationship, and I think we've done well with it so far. I know Matthew is a good father, and I hope he sees me as a good parent too. We also know that we are able to have children- It's something you never know your body is capable of until it happens.

I think the biggest adjustment for me will be going from "Ms. Denesiuk" to "Mrs. Gow". The difference of two syllables and 5 letters is really a big deal! The only wedding jitters I have is when I think about walking down the aisle and everyone staring- seriously, that terrifies me! Is that normal?

Our honeymoon will consist of maybe a night or two at a local hotel, and William being cared for in a room nearby- not like I'd really be able to leave him for long at this point. maybe we can take a raincheck for a couple years until we can leave him with his grandparents for several days.

I guess it's like they say- It's not the wedding events that are important in the longrun, but the realtionship itself. My Mom and Dad, and my Grandma and Grandpa have taught me so much about love, marriage, and parenting, by example. I really value all the things I have learned from them, and I hope Matthew and I can pass those things on to our son.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Baby-1 Mom-0

I've been defeated by my own son. Every diaper change, it is a fight to keep that kid still. The moment I put him on the change table, he decides "Hey, it would be really fun to turn over right now!".
I know what you're thinking.....He's just a baby, how difficult can it be to hold him still.

You havent met my baby. He arches his back, and neck, and pushes with his limbs- very determined to have his way.

Normally, I'll wrestle with his diaper, sometimes even attempting to put it on while he's face down. This morning after what seemed like an hour of trying to get him to cooperate, all I could do was lean over him and laugh at how rediculous this was.

I think of how helpless he was just a few months ago- compared to now, when I've clearly met my match. Soon enough, this kid will get bigger and stronger, and learn how to walk, run, and say "NO". Time for me to get into better shape in order to keep up with him!

Friday, May 05, 2006


Ah yes, it's Friday again. The day when most of the world anticipates letting loose after a week of hard work. I can just would be the perfect day to hit a patio on the way home, enjoying the fine weather and endulging in a couple margaritas (in the spirit of Cinco de Maya). This would ideally lead into a fun night out, and a weekend of being outdoors to appreciate the nice weather.

But..... for a 'housewife', Monday is no different from a Friday

Maybe I'll settle for a diet coke while reading the newspaper on our balcony.

Like I said...."I can imagine".

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

is lazyness an excuse?

Just wondering if I can get away with neglecting my blog again....and yes, my main excuse is laziness....and the fact that I get very little spare time, and the baby's been cranky, and the internet's been acting up, and I'm busy planning a wedding and taking a school course, and procrastination, and..........

I have, however, been working on something new. For all you out there who are sick of me constantly posting pictures of my son on here.....and on the other end of the spectrum, those who are sick of having to sort through my useless blabber in order to keep updated on William, I have the solution. He now has his own blog at . Although his blog and mine may overlap a bit, I will try to keep them seperate.

How, you ask, will I manage to keep two blogs going at the same time when I've been awful at only having one on the go? We'll see......