Sunday, June 25, 2006

2 more

Becoming a Mrs.

The big day has come and gone, and although I am absolutely exhausted, I am thrilled with how the wedding went. I heard it over and over again "things will go wrong- dont sweat it", and I had to constantly remind myself of that- Yes, not everything went as planned, but the day was beautiful, the food was excellent, our guests were none but the best, and last but not least, I am now officially "Mrs. Gow"(although that still has to sink in).

I am so greatful for everyone who was able to take time out of their day (and travel through hectic Penticton) to share our day with us. I was thrilled to see the pregnant beauties- I was amazed to see Amanda who is basically FULL TERM, and looked incredible (especially in comparison to me at 38 weeks- I was a beached whale on our couch and didnt leave our apartment).

So anyways, here are just a couple digital shots for now- more photos and stories to come!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006


It's a week exactly until the big day- finally! There are still Soooo many things to do, but I'm not too concerned just yet.

Actually, my greatest fear right now is what resulted from my attempt at a 'tan in a can'. I splurged on the Clarins bronzing gel (apperantly the best stuff out there), and I turned an awful shade of orange. Now, that is starting to come off, and my ghostly white skin is appearing underneath, so I am hideous patches of white and orange. ARG!

On the brighter side, tommorrow we're flying back into Kelowna, where we will be greeted by Matt's mom (also an RMT)- and I will be getting a VERY MUCH needed massage. I was seriously dreaming about that last night.

Wednesday night was my stagette-and I can happily say that there were no male strippers (or female for that matter), or mechanical bulls. *whew*. They didnt make me wear neon green biker spandex and a tutu, or anything of the sort. Just a "Bride to Be" tiara. I must say, the girls were suprisingly kind to me.

We had a wicked night though...the ladies took me out to a Morroccan Resteraunt first, and we adventured around downtown a bit, stopping at a lounge along the way, and then ended up at the Mynt. It was a perfect night to celebrate the "last night of freedom" (as if I know what "freedom" actually means anymore!)

Unfortunately I cant get the pics downloaded right now- did I mention I HATE COMPUTERS ???

I'll get some pics up soon though....only the appropriate ones ;)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Survival of the fastest eater.

Since being with Matthew, I have had to learn how to eat fast.

Let me explain.

Matt literally inhales his food....seriously, he's the only person I know who 'vacuums' it up as he eats. As a result, he eats about twice as fast as I do, and once his plate is clear, I always see him scope out mine to see what I've got left.

Yesterday, we were waiting in line at Timmy's and I told him I was getting a 'vanilla dip doughnut', to his response of "Only if I get a big bite of the side with all the sprinkles"

So, we sit down and eat- and I was going to make sure that I get my 'fat pills' all to myself. I hid the doughnut behind the napkin holder so maybe Matt would forget about it. Then I wolfed it down while he was busy looking at the newspaper.
As we left, I had the satisfaction of knowing that I had succeeded, and was so stealth-y that Matt didnt even notice he didnt get any of my doughnut.

Then last night Matt said "Hey, I took a HUGE bite of your doughnut earlier today when you weren't looking, I can't believe you didnt notice".

I hope this is one thing that William doesnt inherit from his father- between the two of them against me, I think I'd end up being the skinny, picked on chicken at the bottom of the pecking order.